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Pandemic 2020

Ahh where to start, literally where?

Okay, Okay lets be real here, this is my first time blogging so lets see how this goes ;)

A week ago i had the pleasure of being told i can only work with my clients for no longer then 30 minutes at a time! Holy shit 30 minutes? How the hell do i make this work? Do I lie and just continue as normal or can I actually run my business with just hair cuts?

Well lets be real here, there is no bloody way I could give a Luxe Hair standard service in just 30 minutes!

The fun began, I was running off of less then 4 hours sleep, and I had to make the decision to call my clients and start the process of cancelling appointments. Ahh why, why would you bring out this ridiculous rule Mr PM!

I cried way more then necessary that day, it broke me. This is my Business and i am not in control of what services I can provide for my valued clients.

Okay Kira, take a deep breath we've got this.

Lets take this negative and turn it into a positive, even though I have had at least 80% of my business cancel, ( Yikes ) I have been able to catch up things that I haven't had time to do. Like make candles, spend some needed time with my hubby, clean up my crazy walk in robe. The list goes on.

I've also been able to focus on the one thing I haven't in a long time, can you guess it? Yep ME!

Yes i'm missing creating some seriously amazing hair, but this TLC is just what i needed.

I hope that you get some needed time out too.

In all of this madness please remember to BREATHE.

Ill see you all when this is over.

Kira xx

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